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Clothing Care

All Morrison clothing is designed and made with love.

Garments should be cared for with the special treatment they deserve. See below for care tips for each fabric.



Dry-clean only unless care instructions specify otherwise. Suiting and wool fabrics are adversely affected by chlorine bleach, acetone and other alcohol based solvents. To reduce piling, avoid rubbing against rough surfaces.



Dry-cleaning is recommended for jersey and knitwear garments to ensure it keeps its original shape and to prevent shrinkage. Garments can also be gently hand washed in cold water with mild detergent. Always lie jersey and knitwear garments flat to dry and use a protective cloth when ironing. Do not spin, tumble dry or bleach garments. Always store jersey and knitwear folded to avoid stretching the fabric. Avoid rubbing against rough surfaces as the fabric is extremely delicate. Please follow garment's sewn-in care label for specialised instructions. Pilling is an inherent characteristic in even the most premium knitwear due to the length of the fibres in the yarns and the processes used to produce the softest finish. To minimise pilling wash garments inside out and avoid fabric softeners that encourage fibres to pill. If pilling occurs remove gently with a pilling comb.



These fabrics are exceptional and have often undergone a unique process resulting in a specialised finish. Specialty fabric garments are very delicate so please avoid rough surfaces and be cautious wearing elaborate jewellery to avoid pulling the fabric. If treated with care, garments will maintain these characteristics over the lifetime of the garment. Dry-clean only.



Beaded garments have been specially hand crafted by artisans. They are very delicate and should be looked after with the special treatment they deserve. Please avoid rubbing against rough surfaces and be cautious wearing elaborate jewellery to avoid fabric pulling. Dry clean only unless care instructions specify otherwise.



Leather garments should only be cleaned by a professional leather specialist. To remove any surface dirt, wipe with a clean damp cloth. Store away from direct sunlight on a hanger where air can circulate. Do not store in plastic bags, use adhesive tape on surfaces or place near heat.

Morrison leather garments are renowned for quality and durability whose inherent beauty is enhanced over time. Any variances in the surface appearance are due to the natural finish of the material. Colour variation may also occur with general wear and cleaning. For further information in Australia contact Leather and Suede Clean of Australia on 02 9666 6995.